The development of IT (information and technology)

Posted: Agustus 29, 2012 in _by_ jagow007_

IT developments that occurred during this exist in the field of infrastructure development, namely dihardware, software, data, and communication. The definition of IT that computer technology is used to process and store information and communication technology is used to transmit information (full stated by Martin et al.). Understanding of IT is very broad and covers all aspects of forms of technology used in capturing, manipulating, communicating, presenting, and using the data to be converted into information.

With the progress of time as in the global era such IT development is not impossible anymore, in the field of hardware and software in the field. Hardware (hardware) focus on the physical, little of a product, the more sophisticated hardware / good quality, while the software (software) is not able to say with words. Why do I say so, because even a few months every year there must be a new software or a new version, it proves that progress was very rapid IT / fast. By because if you are too late to upgrade your software or uninformed about the latest software, might you would miss from others.

examples of some developments in the field of IT hardware and software:

# hardware

– Big old CPU that was first created by the room one room, now CPU + monitor can be carried anywhere (laptop / note book).

– Calls which can only exist at home now grasped and taken everywhere (mobile phone) etc..

# software

– From 1.0 till windows windows 2010, is updating its version several times.

– Etc.


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